Git and Github Crash Course

Step-by-Step Hands-on Practical Guide To Git And GitHub With Git Commands, Git Collaboration, Git Cheatsheet & More!

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Welcome To Git And GitHub Beginners Crash Course - Git Practical Bootcamp,

This course is designed for students who want to get start working with Git and Github. Following step-by-step approach you will learn the commands for efficient code management and understand fundamental concepts behind version control systems following Git architecture. After completing this course you will have hands-on experience working with Git and Github and will be able to use Version Control for your projects.

The course starts assuming that you know nothing about Git and need to start step by step explanation with theory and commands in sequential flow. At the end of the course you participate in an open source project hosted in Github where you will collaborate with other student building a worldwide restaurant guide, where you will need to apply everything you learned in the course.

  • Build Rock Solid Foundation In Git and related concepts.
  • Learn Git installation on multiple platforms
  • Learn how to Configure git repository in 3 ways
  • Learn how to modify, add and commit artifacts .
  • Learn how to inspect Git repository using status and log checks.
  • Learn Git branching basics.
  • Learn GitHub and how use and manage the web based Git repository .
  • Learn basic file management in git bash environment .
  • Learn how to perform Git comparisons between various sections of a Git repository .
  • Upload projects to Git enabled web repositories like GitHub

After going through the course student will have a solid foundation to be able to use Git with collaborators on 80% of the tasks they may need to tackle moreover after completing this course you can easily learn and connect advance topics automatically because of core foundation.

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Shubham Sarda

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